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Sometimes one receives messages on social media that are meaningful and have a purpose – in other words, not everything is bad. I agree that mobile phones are now very important in our lives to the point that I do not exaggerate to say that it is the third element without which we cannot live – blood, oxygen and mobile phones.

Of course, phones and their social media applications are multi-edged, not double-edged only. They can be used for many beneficial purposes and help in many aspects, and of course they can be used in a lethal fashion, or actually misused by those spreading false rumors that are detrimental to the society and can cause much chaos and create rifts between society members and even strife. We saw and learned how social media is used by terrorists to communicate and even plan their heinous activities.

We also must be careful and know how to avoid invasive social media by abusive operators who have the means and knowledge how to get into your computer or mobile phone and download all what you have stored and turn around to start blackmailing, and this is worse than hacking, as it is more personal and may destroy families and break up marriages. Of course one should not give in to the blackmailers – rather they must resort to authorities who can in most cases identify and hold them to account, instead of becoming virtual slaves of those scavengers.

On a different page, I received messages that I would like to share with you:
At one stage of your life you will recognize that respect is more important than love, and that consensus is more important than proportionality, confidence is better than envy and patience is the greatest evidence of sacrifice. Staying at a distance from problems does not mean weakness – rather it means that you are more able to enjoy your life.

When you forgive you will not change the past, rather will make the difference in the future!
There is a fine line between gaining and breaking hearts. Everything around us will disappear except for good deeds which will always be instilled in the heart, and congratulations to those who plant the seeds of goodness on all paths and congratulations for he who gifted those who came across his life with part of his kindness. The purity of heart is not stupidity – rather it is a good deed that you will be rewarded for.

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