10 kg marijuana smuggling foiled

KUWAIT: Air cargo customs officers caught an Egyptian man who attempted to smuggle 10 kg of marijuana in a shipment of food he imported from India. Information was received about the shipment, so officers followed it until it arrived at Kuwait International Airport. The suspect went to receive it, but customs officers were waiting for him. When the container was unloaded, 10 kg of marijuana was found in hard-to-find places, a security source said. The man said he imported the drugs with intention of trafficking, so he was sent to the Drugs Control General Department (DGCD) for further action.

Stray dogs
Hawally detectives returned some dogs to their owner who promised to care for them, after they escaped from his house and went to a girls’ school in Salwa, which scared students and teachers. A security source said the school principal called operations about the presence of dogs at the school, so police went there and took the dogs to Salwa police station. Detectives were then surprised by a citizen claiming that the dogs were his and expensive, and had escaped from his house in the morning. Police took an undertaking from him and returned the dogs after the school principal opted against filing a complaint.

Officer insulted
A man who went to Maidan Hawally police station to complain against his ex-wife ended up in jail, charged with threatening and insulting a public employee. A security source said that a sergeant told the investigator that an Egyptian man entered the police station to complain against his ex-wife, but when asked what had happened, he started screaming at the officer and swore at him. He then banged his head against the wall, than after he was calmed down, he hit himself with the desk. He is being questioned.

Security sources said several citizens are wanted to appear before the prosecution for organizing and participating in by-elections in the fourth constituency. Detectives’ investigations revealed that some tribes are organizing by-elections in diwaniyas and behind closed doors.

Toys stolen
Jabriya police station investigator ordered an Indian man’s name be placed on the wanted list after he stole 31 toys, each valued at KD 18. A security source said a citizen, a toy shop owner, told them his employee had disappeared, then when he checked the inventory, 31 toys were missing.

luxury clothes theft
A luxury clothes shop’s owner told Zahra police that a store, which is being renovated, was burgled, as 208 pieces with an estimated value of KD 2,500 were stolen. Criminal detectives went to the store and lifted fingerprints to determine the identity of the thief. Workers are being interrogated to determine whether they have any link with the theft.

Police arrested a bedoon who posed as a detective and stole KD 50 in addition to a computer from Asian workers in industrial Shuwaikh. The bedoon entered the shop where the Indians work with a stick and asked them for money, but they refused. He stole a wallet that was on the table with KD 50 in it and the computer. The Indians caught and tied him up, and he was arrested by police. – Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa

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