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10 million passengers used airport in 2015

Kuwait International Airport
Kuwait International Airport

KUWAIT: A total of 10,213,277 passengers used Kuwait International Airport in both departures and arrivals in 2015 The Ministry of Interior’s Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Borders Affairs Major General Faisal Al-Senain said yesterday.

A statement issued by the ministry’s Relations and Security Media Department quoting Senain explained that the total number of departing passengers was 5,055,581, including 1,814,941 citizens, while the total number of arriving passengers was 5,157,696, including 1,807,242 citizens.

Senain added that the airport passports department issued 299,785 visas, while it identified 662 blacklisted people by their fingerprints, prevented them from entering Kuwait and returned them to where they came from. It also arrested 533 forgers. “The total number of passengers denied access into Kuwait was 3,053,” he said.

Senain also announced arresting 993 people and referring them to the residency affairs detectives while 295 others were arrested and referred to the central department. In addition, Senain announced arresting 181 citizens who were referred to relevant authorities.

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