X-cite takes first place in Pan Arab Applications Awards

xciteKUWAIT: X-cite by Alghanim Electronics realized another admirable feat that is now part of its growing collection of success stories. This year, X-cite won first place in the Fourth Pan Arab Applications Awards for its application of its website,, that is accessed through smartphones. X-cite’s win of this highly sought after award confirms the company’s pioneering strategies and steadfast commitment to provide its customers with smart and convenient channels of communication.

The Pan Arab Application Awards took place in Dubai on Tuesday, November 24, 2015 in cooperation with the Arab Social Responsibility Organization in the presence of Pierre Moukarzel, President of the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility, Dr. Mohammed Essa Al-Adwan, Ambassador of the Arabian Cooperation Affairs at the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility, and other government and diplomatic officials as well as representatives of the private and public sector and a large number of marketing, media and social media representatives.

A large number of leading companies in the Arab World participated in the challenge that recognizes the most superior applications in the region; however, only X-cite took first place after an intensive and comprehensive study was implemented to measure the company’s application’s standards. The study awarded the relevant companies’ applications upon the category they were in, highlighting which participants surpassed the judging panel due to their innovation and outstanding technological capabilities.

All applications competed against strict measures, measures that X-cite transcended with flying colors. The company’s winning application was measured at a commendable 20% when it came to its creative innovation. X-cite’s application was measured at 25% based on its ease-of-usage that allowed customers to navigate the application with simple convenience. The third measure was based on the application’s technical aspect; at 20 percent, X-cite’s application proved to be an efficient one due to its moderate usage of a smartphone’s battery life as well as the lack of technical glitches that application users typically face. Regarding the application’s structure, X-cite gained an admirable 10 percent based on its compatibility on a majority of smartphone devices, telecom networks and its offline availability. Apart from gaining 15 percent based on its social media reach, X-cite’s application acquired 10 percent due to its wide reception and usage. All in all, X-cite’s high ratings were the reason behind the company’s win of this desired prestigious award.

The Pan Arab Application Awards aims to encourage Arab innovation in the realm of smartphones that are considered as the ideal tool for social engagement and human interaction whether that might entail social or commercial content. The Awards’ goal also sheds light upon the significance of Information Systems (IT) as it is the ultimate channel for communicating with the youth, a population that comprises 70 percent of the Arab World.

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