Warba Bank inaugurates its new branch in Fahaheel

warbaKUWAIT: Warba Bank inaugurates its new branch in Fahaheel. The new branch opening marks the 8th in branches network covering all governorates of Kuwait. The opening ceremony has been organized under the patronage and presence of Sheikh Fawaz Al Sabah-the Governor of Al-Ahmadi Governorate, Jassar Dakheel Al Jassar -Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Warba Bank and attended by huge gathering of prominent figures and Bank’s customers in the Bank.

Jassar Dakheel Al Jassar said: The opening of Warba Bank new branch in Fahaheel comes in line with the Bank’s aspiration aiming at network expansion and getting closer to our customers and our endeavors to satisfy our customer banking needs by offering them the state of the art products and services in full compliance with the rules of Islamic Sharia. Al Jassar also said: “The new Warba Bank Branch is marked by innovation and creativity on the level of the banking services provided to customers as well as the construction and design level that ensure comfort and superb service to the people of that vibrant highly populated area that is in need of refined banking services.

The Bank’s general strategy focuses on high dense population areas across Kuwait to get closer to our customers and facilitate the process of fulfilling their requirements, avail from Warba Bank’s products and offers and creative banking solutions that meet their expectations hence serving the Bank’s goals for expansion and raising its domestic market share by attracting new customers”. Al Jassar added: Warba Bank continues its strategy that aims at leading the Islamic banking business in Kuwait through an ambitious plan, which targets the inauguration of new branches in lively and strategic locations across the country. The plan also focuses on the ongoing development and introduction of new services and products to serve all segments of the society and give them ad-hoc features to satisfy their ever-changing desires.

He also added:” We are proud to announce the official launch of our 8th branch in Kuwait at Fahaheel since the Bank’s incorporation. This opening of the new branch is just the start of our presence in Al-Ahmadi Governorate. This step will be followed by other steps to provide optimal service to people of that area and to enhance direct communication with them. At Warba, we will continue expanding and devising creative solutions in all our businesses in full compliance with Islamic Sharia in addition to developing our online and mobiles services to make customers’ experience easier, faster and safer”.

Jassem Al Muzaini, Fahaheel Branch Manager expressed his delight with Warba Bank’s presence in Al-Ahmadi Governorate that encompasses wide range of customer segments wishing to get better banking service. Al Muzaini highlighted that the Branch is equipped with the latest technology to ensure customers’ convenience and availing from superb services of opening diverse accounts such as salary transfer account, investment saving account, deposit account in addition to consumer and installment finance. Customers will also enjoy all benefits and services such as credit cards, ATM cards.

The customers will carry out all their banking transactions without having to visit another branch. Warba Bank’s Fahaheel Branch is located in the Remal Commercial Complex with separate section for women. The Branch has been designed in accordance with the highest standards of decoration and interiors to provide customers with ultimate comfort and privacy in line with Warba Bank’s commitment for applying innovation principle as one of the core values adopted in the Bank’s business in the Kuwaiti market.

Prior to the event, Fahaheel Branch work team made several visits to elite people, many Diwaniyas, schools and institutions in the area to introduce the new Branch and the services that will be provided to them and to listen to their suggestions. This comes our utmost care to fulfill the requirements of that big segment of society for getting innovative banking service suitable to their desires and in full compliance with the rules of Islamic Sharia.

Warba bank continues to interact with customers – answering inquiries and listening to their suggestions through the call center staff available around the clock. To know more about the Bank’s products, services, branches, latest exclusive offers, terms and conditions or the customer’s rights, please visit Warba Bank’s website or follow our social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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