14 arrested for e-crimes in Kuwait for indecent videos on YouTube

KUWAIT: After an Iraqi born resident was arrested for uploading videos with indecent words to YouTube, e-crime detectives have now arrested an additional 14 others, the majority of whom are citizens. All have been detained in connection with the same videos after being named by the prime suspect, who appeared on the videos encouraging young people to abuse drugs and compete in exchanging rap-like insults using very indecent words and phrases.

Fights in Jahra, Salmiya
A search is on for three citizens, all siblings, for allegedly assaulting a juvenile and stabbing him during a fight in Jahra, said security sources. Case papers indicate that a citizen reported that three of his neighbors had assaulted his son and stabbed him to the shoulder. The man said that he took his son to Jahra hospital for treatment before reporting to the police. A case was filed and the suspects are being summoned. In another fight, four male citizens were arrested in Salmiya for fighting, said security sources noting that one of them sustained a head injury and was rushed to Mubarak hospital for treatment while the other three were arrested.

Missing girl arrested
A 21-year-old girl was recently arrested in Sharq, said security sources, noting that the girl had been reported missing by her family. Case papers indicate that the Iranian girl stepped out of a taxi before reaching a checkpoint in Sharq, which raised suspicions of policemen, who chased her on foot. After catching the woman, police checked and found that she had been reported missing.

Caught at checkpoint
A citizen was recently arrested for attempting to flee a checkpoint in Salhiya, said security sources noting that on searching the man’s vehicle, deceives found 32 illicit pills. A case was filed pending further investigations. In another incident, a citizen was recently arrested after he was stopped for a traffic violation. On checking, police found that the man was wanted for a KD 45,000 financial claim, said security sources. The man was referred to relevant authorities.

Office mate insulted
A female citizen recently filed a complaint against a coworker, claiming that the woman had insulted her over some unsettled old issues. The complainant said that the suspect had called her several times using foul language with her. A case was filed pending summoning the second party for further investigations.

Fake detective robs man
An Asian reported that someone had stopped him in Ardhiya industrial area claiming to be a police detective and asking to see his ID. The man added that the suspect assaulted him and snatched away his wallet and mobile phone before he fled the scene. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Ranch guard hanged
A citizen reported that he found his ranch guard hanged by the neck to a rope tied to the ceiling of his room, said security sources. The citizen said that on calling the guard several times without receiving an answer, he drove to his ranch in Kabed area where he found the guard’s corpse hanging from the ceiling. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Driver insults policeman
A traffic policeman recently filed a case against a citizen who had violated traffic laws, said security sources. In his complaint, the traffic policeman said that while patrolling in Farwaniya, he spotted a vehicle parked in a no-parking zone with the driver sitting inside. He added that he used the loudspeaker to ask the driver to move away to avoid being fined and that, instead, the man got angry and stepped out insulting and shouting at him. A case was filed.

Drunk doctor arrested
A consultant doctor was recently arrested on arrival at Kuwait International Airport while heavily drunk, said security sources. Case papers indicate that the doctor apparently got frustrated with the long queue at customs and so started shouting and refused to calm down when asked. Instead, he started insulting the policeman, who detected the smell of liquor on the man’s breath. The doctor was then arrested and referred to Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh police.

Woman swindled
A female citizen of Arab origins reported that a ‘former’ compatriot of hers had swindled her out of KD 10,000 claiming to sell her a land plot in her original home country. The woman said that after paying the money, she had some relatives inquire about the land and found out that it was in a desert area and was not worth what she paid. She added that the suspect had refused to return her money or even some of it before he vanished. – Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa

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