15 kg drugs found with Fahaheel dealer

KUWAIT: This picture released by the Interior Ministry yesterday shows drugs found with a suspect arrested in Fahaheel yesterday.

KUWAIT: A drug dealer was arrested yesterday with possession of 15 kilograms of drugs found inside his Fahaheel residence. Detectives had obtained a warrant to raid the suspect’s apartment following investigations in which detectives found evidence of his activity in trading drugs. Ten kilograms of heroin, three kilograms of hashish and two kilograms of shabu (methamphetamine) were found inside the apartment. The Asian man was referred to the proper authorities for further action.

A vehicle trapped under the bed of a car carrier trailer following an accident home yesterday

Sixth Ring Road accident
A motorist was injured when his sedan crashed into a car carrier trailer at the Sixth Ring Road yesterday. Firefighters used special equipment to free the man who became trapped inside his wrecked vehicle, before paramedics rushed him to the hospital. An investigation was opened to reveal the cause of the accident.

Homicide probe
A homicide investigation was opened in the death of a Kuwaiti man who was found dead inside his Mubarak Al-Kabeer with fatal stab wounds. Police responded to an emergency call made by the victim’s daughter who said that she found her father dead in the house’s yard. Paramedics pronounced the victim dead on the scene, and the body was recovered by the coroner, Al-Rai reported yesterday.

Jahra police arrested a Kuwaiti man and his expatriate girlfriend and sent them to concerned authorities after they were caught in an abnormal condition and committing an indecent act behind a co-op society’s building. A Kuwaiti woman reported the incident to police, saying that she saw the couple in a compromising act. Police found the two as described and were under the influence of drugs. Separately, criminal detectives arrested a citizen who committed several thefts at diwaniyas and tents. Police also found out that the man was wanted to serve several prison sentences for drug offenses, Al-Rai reported.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies

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