Over 1,500 arrested in Shuwaikh crackdown

KUWAIT: More than 1,500 people were arrested during a security campaign held last Saturday at Shuwaikh Industrial area, and led by Interior Ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for General Security Affairs Major General Abdel Fattah Al-Ali. Police inspected papers of a total of 3,911 persons during the campaign. Out of those, 1,566 people were sent to concerned authorities and deportation centers. They include 257 arrested for violation of residency regulations, 170 with expired visas, 552 without valid IDs, 12 wanted on felonies, 186 absconders, 28 wanted for civil cases, 271 marginal labor, and 13 wanted on drugs charges. Police also arrested seven persons on prostitution and 11 on liquor trade charges, while 15 vehicles were impounded.

Meanwhile, another campaign was launched in Sulaibiya and resulted in sending 108 persons for deportation. They include 18 arrested for violation of the labor law, 33 in violation of residency regulations, eight wanted on civil and criminal cases, 22 arrested without valid IDs, two for possessing drugs, 15 marginal workers, and three persons who were caught being under the influence of alcohol.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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