Kuwaiti Female doctor jailed for abusing, half-blinding housemaid – Councilor accused of land fraud

KUWAIT: The court of cassation yesterday sentenced a Kuwaiti female doctor to 42 months in prison and a KD 5,001 fine for abusing her housemaid and causing the loss of sight in her left eye. According to the case paper, the doctor had been torturing the maid daily and had also been accused in a similar case filed by another maid in 2007. The victim escaped from the doctor’s house when she hired new housemaids and reported the matter.

Notably, the criminal court had acquitted the doctor, but the victim’s lawyer contested the verdict and took it to the court of appeal, which passed a sentence of 4 years’ imprisonment and KD 5,001 fine, but finally the court of cassation reduced it to 42 months plus the fine. The victim’s lawyer then filed another case demanding a KD 250,000 compensation for his client.

Absconding reports
Acting Director of the Public Authority for Manpower Abdullah Al-Motoutah said that six new cases have been added to those entitled to undo absconding reports filed against them, as per directive number 29/2015. The directive was issued by the residency affairs department’s director Maj Gen Talal Maarafi. Following the addition, the total number of cases increased to 12. Speaking on the sidelines of a workshop organized by the manpower authority under the title ‘Rights and Duties,’ Motoutah explained that the new six cases include holders of Palestinian passports and documents, cases in which employers provide a waiver, getting a transfer approval from the labor department, dual sponsorship (like having a work permit registered in a sponsor’s name and residency in another’s), humanitarian cases and those reviewed by a committee comprising of the Interior Ministry’s assistant undersecretary for citizenship and passports affairs, the residency director, the manpower authority’s director and his deputy for protecting labor rights.

Councilor charged
Lawyer Mohammed Ahmed Taleb yesterday filed a case against a current member of the municipal council, accusing him of fraud. Taleb said his client had bought a piece of land from the defendant for KD 238,000 and gave him a down payment of KD 48,000 pending a waiver, but the accused started stalling. He added that on checking on the land ownership deed, he found out that defendant did not even own the land and that all attempts to refund the down payment had failed.

Former Vice Chairman of the Municipal Council Jassar Menawer Al-Jassar was appointed advisor to the Municipal Council starting this month.

Municipality complaints
A report issued by Kuwait Municipality’s Public Relations Department said that the total number of complaints received through the hotline 139 in January was 81 including complaints about cleaning, garbage, filthy streets and uncollected garbage. The report explained that 24 of those complaints were made with the Capital governorate areas followed by Farwaniya, where 20 complaints were made, then Mubarak Al-Kabeer and Ahmadi with 10 complaints each, Hawally with nine complaints and finally Jahra with eight complaints.

Beggar arrested
A beggar was arrested in Mubarakiya Market yesterday with possession of KD 1,707 in cash, according to sources. The suspect was identified as a 54-year-old Bangladeshi national, and police discovered that she is wanted by authorities for absconding.

By A Saleh

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