Royale Hayat Hospital wins first place – Service Hero award for sixth year in a row in healthcare category

Dr Hamid Ghaderi, Deputy Medical Director, Royale Hayat Hospital, Kuwait. —Photos by Joseph Shagra
Dr Hamid Ghaderi, Deputy Medical Director, Royale Hayat Hospital, Kuwait. —Photos by Joseph Shagra

Royale Hayat Hospital was named first in the healthcare category for the sixth year in a row by Service Hero. Service Hero is the Arab world’s only 100 percent consumer-driven customer satisfaction index. Their voting platform empowers consumers to rate the service quality of places they have visited and tried their services. “We are proud once again of Royale Hayat’s dedicated physicians, staff and management who work hard to provide the best medical care and services to its customers. When we started, quality of service was one of our major points,” said Dr Hamid Ghaderi, Deputy Medical Director.

Ghaderi is also an anesthesia, intensive care and pain management consultant and member of a German board. “Improving services is a challenge, and the Service Hero award is the proof that we are on the right track. We have established a system to monitor customer happiness and improving services for them. We are oriented towards the customer, taking ideas and suggestions from our customers to satisfy their needs,” he told Kuwait Times.

Ghaderi said Royale Hayat Hospital is one of the first hospitals in Kuwait and in the region to combine hospital and hotel services. “We are trying to compete with hospitals and hotels in providing hotel services like choosing rooms and a high-class ambiance, along with medical services,” he said.

Royale Hayat Hospital started as a maternity hospital but it has added new specialties. Ghaderi told Kuwait Times that the hospital has special packages for deliveries. “We give the patient the option to choose his or her room and doctors. Once a patient is admitted, he/she will get an iPad with all services and applications. If a patient is planning to undergo surgery, she/he can choose the doctor and check out on his/her qualifications or they can choose doctors from outside the hospital who have a medical license with Royale Hayat,” he said.

“Royale Hayat Hospital has a high-class intensive care unit to monitor newborn babies. The anesthesia service is very excellent and Royale Hayat hospital is one of the first hospitals that provides patient with epidural anesthesia and that’s one of the main points of why a lot of external doctors bring patients here,” Ghaderi said. About the medical staff, Ghaderi said that the hospital has a good combination of Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti staff from various countries (Europe, North America and Arab countries), doctors who have experience in different specialties and they choose the best of the best to make the hospital highly qualified to attract patients and good doctors as well.

To keep updated with the latest technology and medical improvement, Royale Hayat Hospital visits medical conferences inside and outside Kuwait, has an internal education program, monthly department meetings, educational sessions, with every session reported to the management, educational events with international visitors, and visits to Germany every year to keep updated with the latest medical products to improve services. He added that Royale Hayat Hospital has a good surgery department, dental, family medicine, ENT (ear, nose and throat) department and a well-known plastic surgery center. It recently hired a new neurologist and endocrine specialist. The hospital also started in 2015 a smaller branch of Royale Hayat in Mahboula as a non-surgery cosmetic, dental and general clinic.

Since launching in 2006, Royale Hayat has promised and delivered the safest, most modern and highest quality of medical care and services to the Kuwaiti society in an environment of compassion, comfort and care. Royale Hayat achieved this by redefining and setting global benchmarks in hospitality and through providing a culture of continuous learning, innovation and excellence in healthcare, and will always be thankful to the team of doctors, nurses, and staff who are a great part of this continuous success.

By Faten Omar

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