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20 workers injured in school collapse

KUWAIT: Injured workers are seen after an under-construction school building collapsed
KUWAIT: Injured workers are seen after an under-construction school building collapsed

KUWAIT: Twenty people who were injured in an under-construction school building in Sabah Al-Ahmad City have been taken to four hospitals by medevac planes and ambulances, the Health Ministry said yesterday. Injuries varied between bruises, spine, head and thigh fractures, Assistant Undersecretary of the Health Ministry for Supportive Medical Services Dr Jamal Al-Harbi told KUNA.

Earlier, State Minister of Housing Yasser Abul warned that anyone found negligent in the school collapse would face legal and administrative punishment. After attending a meeting with the parliament, Abul said that the Public Authority for Housing Welfare will investigate the incident. Wishing those injured in the incident swift recovery, he told reporters “we will not hesitate to hold those found guilty of negligence accountable”.

Construction accidents are all too common in Kuwait. According to a 2010 research paper published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, “the construction industry is the most hazardous industry in Kuwait. On average, falls are the major type of accident (33.2 percent) followed by being crushed or struck by a falling object (25.2 percent). Use or misuse of tools caused the third largest number of accidents in Kuwait (18.1 percent).

“The most frequent type of injury is fractures (52.6 percent) and the most common injured body part is the upper body (53.4 percent). An average of (82.7 percent) of victims of construction accidents in Kuwait sustain permanent disabilities. It is clear that the Kuwaiti construction industry has a safety problem and that there is a pressing need to change current practices and legislation in construction and building sites.” – Agencies

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