2019 wishes

We have started counting down to a new year in our life, thinking of all what we have done or did not do in 2018. While we are preparing for the New Year, there are things we surely either regretted or forgot doing, but there are things we hope will come true next year. I would like to share my wishes for the New Year.

First, I wish that by now I have learned from all the mistakes I made last year. There is no doubt to me that mistakes are the best and biggest lessons in life for all of us. Unfortunately, we humans have a short memory and tend to forget or sometimes ignore our instincts, so we repeat our wrong actions, leading us to tears later. My first wish is to be wise and rational to filter all my behaviors before I do them.

Another wish for 2019 is to find happiness. We all want to be happy in this short life. Some of us find happiness in making money and some by finding the right partner in life or getting a promotion at work, but I find happiness in satisfaction for all the blessings that were given to us by our Creator Allah, including good health – a blessing that we ignore most, and only miss it when we lose it.

This year I went through several medical operations that forced me to stay in bed for several months with long hours of therapy sessions. I am fine now, but I recall the difficult times in which I could not move out of bed and needed an assistant all the time. I don’t need help anymore, but the little things like jumping out of bed early in the morning or at least having a good night’s sleep can be hard sometimes in case of illness. Health is a blessing indeed that I wish for all my family, friends, Kuwait Times staff and readers to enjoy and thank Allah for it.

True friendship – another wish for 2019. We are surrounded by many people – family members, colleagues etc. Some may claim to be your true friend, but only in crises the masks can fall to reveal who your true friend is. I believe that maintaining a friend for life is not easy. It is the same as any marriage – one needs to work on it. It means that you have to accept others as they are and not try to change them or prejudge their actions and words. If you have a shoulder of a friend in bad and good times, then that is a friend who you deserve to keep, not only in 2019, but forever.

Money – I know this is a great wish most of us make; for success that brings a good amount of money to secure our future as well as our family. But this could be a dangerous wish. The question remains – how do you plan to make money?  Do you have a special talent? Are you ready to work more or even start a new job with a better salary? Are you ready to sacrifice the things you know for the unknown? Are you an adventurer? 

I believe that making little money is possible easily, but if you want to make a fortune, then you need a plan, and this can take years of hard work and determination. So be ready for the challenge, if you have not started yet. A small tip – never break the law for quick wealth. We all have many wishes and I have tried to sum some up from my own diary. I hope 2019 will be the year of success, happiness and peace for all of you.

By Muna Al-Fuzai

[email protected]

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