Two Syrians disappear with KD 1 million

KUWAIT: A Syrian man and his son bought several trailer trucks for KD 1.4 million and were to pay in installments. Then the dealers learned that the two had left the country after they were late in making payments. The dealers attempted to repossess the vehicles only to find out that the Syrians had sold them to a third party for KD 1 million. This raised the question of how the men were able to transfer the titles when there remained a lien against it. Detectives investigating the issue discovered that a Traffic Department employee helped transfer the title by removing the note in the computer system marking that the title had a lien against it. This enabled the men to sell several of the vehicles, take the money and flee the country.

Debtor caught
Police arrested a citizen in his 40s in Mangaf for financial cases and debt totally KD 13,000. When the man was stopped and questioned, he claimed to have forgot his ID at home. But he was suspected and taken in for further identification and later arrested.

Woman falls, injured
An Indian woman was admitted to Adan hospital’s intensive care unit after falling from a height. Paramedics rushed to the call, and found the woman in critical condition. Investigations are underway, as Ahmadi detectives were informed. It is unknown if the woman jumped, fell or was pushed.

Fire in residence
Firemen rescued the guard of a concrete plant when fire broke out in his residence near Sabah Al-Ahmad residential area. Firemen rescued the Egyptian guard as the fire raged, as he was injured. The fire destroyed a room and the kitchen of the residence.

Artificial fingerprints
Special missions force arrested a Saudi national and a bedoon with nine envelopes of artificial finger prints (silicon) and were taken to criminal detectives for suspicion of forgery.

Ex-con rearrested
Policemen arrested an ex-convict citizen in Mubarak Al-Kabeer area after he attempted to escape from an inspection checkpoint. He was found wanted on attempted murder and rape charges. Police noticed that he turned away from the direction of a checkpoint, so policemen chased and arrested him. He will be sent to criminal detectives.

ATM card with pin used
A thief withdrew KD 250 from the bank account of an Egyptian man, after finding the ATM card with the PIN written on it. The man told Meidan Hawally police that after losing the ATM card, he went to get a replacement and was surprised that KD 250 had been withdrawn. The detectives are investigating.

Attempted suicide
A Syrian whose residency expired and was held in Nugra police station, slashed his wrist in an attempted suicide. Paramedics were called and rescued him. A security source said the Syrian 22-year-old used to plastic fork to cut him hand. The Syrian said it was an accident by cameras proved otherwise. – Al-Rai

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