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2,235 nurses trained on how to communicate with cancer patients

KUWAIT: Chairman of the Board of the National Campaign for Cancer Awareness (CAN), Oncologist Dr Khalid Al-Saleh, said 2,235 nurses, both male and female, were trained on communicating with cancer patients from Feb 2016 to June 2022. Saleh said the 86th course for nurses was concluded in cooperation with the nursing department at the health ministry. He added this course is in line with CAN’s program of continued training on communicating skills with patients and their families, and cancer patients in particular.

Dr Saleh said CAN will continue its courses for nurses to explain information in full about cancers, its causes, how to avoid carcinogens, reduce burdens, encourage recovery percentages from this disease and the importance of early detection. He said nurses are trained on communicating skills to become part of the awareness process and give correct information.

Dr Saleh said the courses receive praise from participants, according to a survey to seek their opinions and suggestions on the courses. Demands were made to continue the courses to refresh their knowledge. Dr Saleh thanked the nursing department for its interest in training its members on cancer information and dealing with patients.

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