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24 arrested for leaking case files

The Palace of Justice

KUWAIT: The interior ministry’s relations and security information department said in a follow up of an earlier case where four court bailiffs were arrested for photocopying documents and leaking case files and selling them, 24 others were arrested for committing the same offense.

Interrogation of the four bailiffs led to 24 others – 10 bailiffs, two secretaries, two employees and two lawyers, while the rest are lawyers’ representatives. All the suspects confessed to having contacts with the four suspects to obtain documents of cases that are still being considered by courts.

The Interior Ministry had announced nearly three weeks ago that police arrested four Arab bailiffs who leaked information, documents and files of cases that are still in deliberation in courts in exchange of money. The arrest came weeks following a similar case in which police detained two bailiffs, a court secretary and a lawyer’s representative on similar charges.

“While conducting investigations, criminal detectives detected four persons taking snapshots of documents related to court cases under deliberation,” the ministry had said in a statement, noting that police obtained warrants to search the suspects’ homes where they found more documents stolen from courts.


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