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24 Kuwaitis arrested in US over mobile content

KUWAIT: Well-informed sources said around 24 young citizens, mainly students and some tourists, had been arrested in the US over the past few months over the contents of their mobile phones or laptops.

The sources added that in view of the different rules followed in some states, many of the arrested citizens did not know the laws and regulations concerning what customs officers described as illegal content on their devices, and deemed such content as a threat to US security.

Further, the sources explained that one of the detainees was a 19-year-old student who has been detained for over a month now because of having “indecent photos of minors under 18” on his mobile phone.

Notably, Kuwait’s embassy to the US has advised citizens travelling to US to make sure their mobile phones and laptops do not contain any content of an extremist nature, related to conflict zones, terrorist groups or any form of violence. – Al-Rai

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