More suspects arrested in Mina Abdullah death case

KUWAIT: Following up the case of the murder of an Asian man whose body was dumped under tons of garbage in Mina Abdullah, security sources said that detectives arrested two other suspects of other Asians nationalities who had some problems with the victim. The suspects confessed that they initially killed the victim by burying him alive, then took the body and dumped it at a garbage collection point, where it was buried under tons of garbage.

Search for attacker
Detectives are hunting for an unidentified person who shot and stabbed a bedoon man in Jahra, said security sources, noting that the suspect also fired at the ambulance while it was taking the injured man to hospital. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

An Asian shepherd was seriously injured and rushed to Jahra Hospital for treatment of injuries he sustained after stepping on a landmine that had been left over by Iraqi forces in 1991.

Drunk man arrested
A 21-year-old citizen was found heavily drunk and unconscious outside a mosque in Qosour, said security sources. He was taken to the proper authorities for further action.

Liquor possession
An Asian man was arrested in Sharq with five liquor bottles, said security sources. Case papers indicate that when asked to pull over by a police patrol, the suspect left his vehicle and tried to flee on foot, but was chased and caught. On searching the car, policemen found the five bottles. A case was filed and the suspect was referred to relevant authorities.

Property damage
A female citizen reported that a citizen damaged her vehicle as he hit it several times from the rear, after she rejected his advances. A case was filed and the man is being summoned.

Beggars caught
Two Arab women were arrested while begging in Fahaheel, said security sources, noting that during interrogations, they said they came to Kuwait on visit visas.

Employees prosecuted
Minister of Electricity and Water Ahmed Al-Jassar referred 40 ministry employees to the public prosecutor for using silicone fingerprints to punch in and out of office on behalf of their colleagues.

Thief at large
A citizen reported that an unidentified robber broke into his apartment in Maidan Hawally and stole KD 4,000 he had saved to travel abroad on a summer vacation. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress. – Al-Rai, Al-Anbaa

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