308 people of same family hold forged Kuwaiti citizenship

KUWAIT: Those holding forged Kuwaiti citizenship and those who got it using fake documents are being exposed one by one, informed sources told Al-Rai daily. The sources explained that the latest case involves 308 people belonging to the same tribe of Iraqi origins who hold forged citizenships, adding that residency detectives had been working on the case for a while and that four out of the five main suspects involved in it had died, while the fifth is currently in his sixties.

The case goes back to when a Kuwaiti – who was infertile – got married to an Iraqi woman who had four children from an earlier marriage to an Iraqi, said the sources, noting that the citizen added them to his citizenship files as his own, and thus they got Kuwaiti citizenship, along with their children and grandchildren, and enjoyed all privileges granted to citizens.

Security sources said residency detectives were tipped off concerning this major case a month ago, and accordingly a citizen in his sixties was arrested and confessed that his Iraqi mother had added him and his three Iraqi brothers to her Kuwaiti husband’s dossier, adding that all his brothers had died. However, further investigations showed that the total number of the four fake citizens’ children and grandchildren add up to 308, who have been enjoying citizen privileges for decades. – Al-Rai

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