34-year-old Briton ‘Under the influence’ tried to enter Shaab Palace holding a sword

KUWAIT: A 34-year-old Briton under the influence of drugs was arrested after he tried to enter Shaab Palace holding a sword he waved around. Security sources noted that the suspect damaged a police patrol car’s windshield with the sword before policemen controlled and arrested him. Also, two bedoons were arrested in Salmiya with drugs, said security sources.

Students attacked
A young man and a ‘tomboyish’ girl barged into a private university campus, where they assaulted a number of girls before fleeing. In their rush to leave, they left tomboy’s ID behind with the campus security, said security sources.

Landmine in Kabd desert
A citizen reported finding a landmine in Kabd desert. Another citizen also reported finding a landmine near his farm along Salmi highway. Bombs squads were dispatched to the scenes in both cases to deal with the mines.

Drunk citizens arrested
Two drunk citizens were arrested for deliberately ramming their vehicle into an expat’s car, assaulting him and demanding he repairs their vehicle. Security sources noted that eyewitnesses said that the accident was the two heavily drunk citizens’ fault.

Homebrewed liquor
A Nepalese was arrested in Mangaf with homebrewed liquor he had prepared for sale, said security sources, adding that detectives found 148 bottles in the suspect’s vehicle.

Illicit pills and meth
A citizen was arrested in Ahmadi with illicit pills and meth, said security sources. The suspect resisted arrest before he was controlled and detained. A citizen wanted for nine cases, including financial claims, theft and robberies, was arrested in Ahmadi. – Al Rai, Al-Anbaa

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