377,000 Captagon tablets busted at Abdaly border

Parcel containing four kilograms of cannabis arrives at post office

KUWAIT: Bags containing Captagon tablets busted with a driver who tried to smuggle them into Kuwait through the Abdaly border crossing.

KUWAIT: Abdaly customs officers caught a Syrian driver with 377,000 Captagon tablets upon his arrival from Iraq. The tablets were hidden in the truck’s chassis and were detected by a newly-installed x-ray system. The suspect was sent to concerned authorities.
Meanwhile, Customs General Department Director Jamal Al-Jalawi said the recent repeated achievements by custom inspectors at various border exits are the result of these inspectors’ sense of responsibility and alertness to prevent smuggling drugs and other banned items into the country. Speaking while supervising the seizure of the Captagon pills in Abdaly, Jalawi said Abdaly customs ‘hawks’ had managed to stop the driver’s attempt. “This came a few days after seizing 96,000 pills with a Gulf bus driver,” he added. Land exits manager Meshaan Al-Saeedy said that these achievements were made by faithful work, constant training, daily instructions and well-structured planning.
In a separate case, Hitteen postal department foiled an attempt to smuggle four kilograms of cannabis that arrived from an Asian country. The parcel was sent to concerned authorities.

Ahmadi crackdown
The Relations and Security Information Department of the Interior Ministry said a campaign in Ahmadi resulted in the arrest of 30 persons wanted over debts, nine absconders, seven without IDs, two residency violators and an Asian with 91 liquor bottles. Several traffic citations were filed and 11 vehicles were impounded.

Thieves caught
Ahmadi detectives solved the mystery of robberies as two citizens were arrested and confessed to committing the crimes. The two said they committed several thefts in various areas around Kuwait, as the number of similar crimes reached 23 felonies and 29 misdemeanors. They were sent to concerned authorities.

A police source said when a citizen went to his ex-wife’s house to see his 10-year-old son, he noticed a wound, which the boy said he sustained while playing with his friends. The father took the boy to hospital and obtained a medical report, then lodged a complaint against the boy’s mother for negligence.

Bootlegger in custody
Police in Rehab arrested an Indian man who works at a laundry shop for selling liquor. The arrest was made at a checkpoint after police could smell alcohol from inside the driver’s car. When the vehicle was searched, 66 locally-made bottles were found. He was sent to concerned authorities.

Fugitive nabbed
A citizen wanted to serve a seven-year jail sentence for sexual molestation was arrested in Farwaniya. He was pulled over, then when his ID was checked, he was found to be wanted, and sent to concerned authorities.

Drug possession
Police in Fintas pulled over a car with four men onboard, who were all in an abnormal condition after using drugs. They were asked to get out of the car. The three citizens and a Saudi were found wanted over debts totaling more than KD 67,000. They had shabu, hashish and drugs paraphernalia. They were sent to the Drug Control General Department.

Naeem police station’s investigator ordered the arrest of a bedoon for swindling a citizen out of KD 35,000. The citizen submitted a copy of a cheque he gave to the suspect. The bedoon asked the citizen to partner with him in a general trading company and share the profits, but he later discovered he was cheated.

A bedoon man beat his brother who works as a policeman, and left him suffering from cuts and bruises. The beating was due to differences between the brothers, and arguments escalated to a fight. The policeman lodged a complaint against his brother and investigations have commenced.

Domestic problems
A citizen who returned to his Qasr apartment found most of its contents missing, particularly electronic systems. He accused his wife of stealing the equipment after domestic problems between the two, after which the wife left the house. He lodged a complaint at Naeem police station.

Sexual harassment
Ahmadi prosecutor ordered an Egyptian man to be detained at Fahaheel police station, as he was charged with sexual harassment. A Filipina woman who works in a Fahaheel supermarket told police she was harassed by a man as she was leaving work. Passersby responded to her screams and caught him. The suspect denied her claims, and investigations are underway.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies

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