38 labor law violators arrested

KUWAIT: Firefighters are seen during an inspection campaign launched in Shuwaikh Industrial Area yesterday.

KUWAIT: Residency affairs detectives arrested 38 labor law violators in Dajeej, the Interior Ministry announced yesterday. Police discovered that the suspects violated the law by absconding from their original employers and working for other sponsors, the ministry explained. All suspects were found to have article 20 visas issued to domestic helpers.

Inspection campaign
Fighting and prevention teams at Kuwait Fire Service Directorate launched an inspection campaign yesterday in Shuwaikh Industrial Area to make sure that industrial plot operators fully observed safety precautions. The campaign, which has been ongoing for three months, was led by deputy director Major General Khaled Abdullah Fahad who stressed that inspections were being done to make sure that industrial facilities were safe for the people working there. Fahad added that some citations were issued and owners were notified to undo the violations in order to avoid permanent closure of their facilities.

Under auspices of the Interior Ministry’s assistant undersecretary for education and training Major General Faisal Al-Nawaf and with the attendance of the National Security College’s director Brigadier Faisal Al-Foudery, a symposium on national security strategic planning was recently concluded. Sixteen officers took part in the symposium which was presented by Dr Nouri Al-Basheer.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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