4 Kuwaitis arrested for harassing female shoppers in Jahra mall – Teens stab friend in Jahra

KUWAIT: Jahra police arrested four juveniles who beat a friend in Jahra and stabbed him in the chest. The victim was admitted to Jahra Hospital’s ICU in a critical condition. The four suspects were sent to the juvenile protection department. The four said that they had previous disputes with the victim.

Harassers arrested
Four citizens harassed female shoppers in a Jahra mall and exchanged blows with mall guards who attempted to throw them out. Police received a call about a fight in the mall, so police patrols went to the scene, broke up the fight, arrested the four and took them to Jahra police station.

Boat stolen
A citizen sought the help of Fahaheel police and accused three Indians working for him of stealing a boat and fishing tools, along with money, and refusing to return it. Detectives are working on arresting them.

Pharmacy vandalized
A citizen was surprised to find her pharmacy vandalized, so she called police and filed a complaint at Salmiya police station. Criminal evidence men went to the scene, inspected the pharmacy and lifted fingerprints. Detectives are working on the case. – Al-Rai

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