4 yrs old Kuwaiti Child hospitalized with gun wound in her head

KUWAIT: A four-year-old Kuwaiti girl was rushed to Adan Hospital with a head injury, said security sources, noting that her parents initially claimed that she sustained the injury when she fell, then said that a piece of metal had penetrated in her head. However, x-rays showed there was a bullet in the child’s head, and she was immediately rushed to Ibn Sina Hospital for surgery and the bullet was removed. The parents then confessed that her brother was toying with a loaded gun that accidentally fired, hitting the girl’s head. The brother was arrested and referred to juvenile police for further investigations.

Drug dealer arrested
A citizen with a criminal record was arrested in Salmiya with a variety of drugs he had prepared and packed for sale. A security source noted on seeing the police, the suspect seemed nervous, and on searching him, policemen found the drugs. A case was filed and the suspect was referred to narcotics department for further investigations.

Liquor possession
Two citizens were arrested in Sharq with a whiskey bottle. Security sources noted that on checking on them, one of the suspects was found wanted for a KD 9,000 financial claim.

Physical assault
A Syrian interior designer filed a case against three citizens, who are brothers, accusing them of assault, said security sources. According to the man, who provided a medical report of his injuries, he was hired to do some décor work at the assailants’ house, which they did not like and demanded that he redo the whole job. Refusing to do the work all over again, the three assaulted him. A case was filed and the alleged assailants are being summoned for further investigations. Separately, a Pakistani salesman filed a complaint against a citizen, accusing him of assault. The salesman said that the citizen’s wife bought a bag from his store two days earlier and returned to the shop to return it, which he refused. He added that the woman then called her husband, who arrived and beat him up. The salesman added that he followed them and jotted down their vehicle’s license plate number. A case was filed and the husband is being summoned.

Illegal fundraising
Following the arrest of a Jordanian man who had been allegedly collecting donations, a citizen and a bedoon were arrested for illegal charity collection, said security sources. Case papers indicate that detectives were tipped off concerning the suspects’ activities, noting that the bedoon usually made women contact donors and convince them to donate money to build mosques and fund other charity projects. Arresting him, police found that he had collected up to KD 6,000 so far. The man confessed that he had been collecting money for a specific establishment and got a small commission. Raiding the place, policemen found that it was an export-import company, and arrested the owner. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress with the company’s staff. – Al-Rai, Al-Anbaa

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