43,000 violators availed amnesty

KUWAIT: The number of residency law violators who have taken advantage of the grace period issued by the interior minister have exceeded 43,000 expatriates, a security source said. The number of expats who left the country without having to pay fines with the possibility to return is around 30,000, while 13,000 corrected their status after paying fines totaling KD 8 million, the source added. Director General of the Residency Affairs Department Maj Gen Talal Maarafi and his assistant Maj Gen Abdullah Al-Hajiri have instructed to speed up transactions of violators.

Fatal accident
A bedoon student lost her life under the wheels of a bus driven by one of her relatives. The body was recovered by the coroner, while the driver was sent for questioning. The 12-year-old student was returning home from school in a bus driven by a relative, but she got off before the bus came to a complete stop and fell under the wheels, causing her death.

Thief ‘disappointed’
A thief was disappointed when he entered the police treasury department and did not find anything other than papers and documents. Fingerprints were lifted to identify the culprit. – Translated from the Arabic press

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