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50 info consultants sacked; no iqama renewals of expats

KUWAIT: Information and Culture Minister and State Minister for Youth Affairs Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi has issued decisions terminating the contracts of more than 50 consultants at the information ministry. The consultants were serving in various sectors of the ministry and were receiving salaries without a real need for their jobs. A very limited number of consultants were retained based on the needs of the ministry.

Information Ministry Undersecretary Mohammad bin Naji also issued a decision cancelling all committees and teams effective Sunday. All committees will be evaluated to appoint the right person in the right place away from benefits and favoritism, in a way that guarantees the implementation of the information ministry’s strategy in qualifying creative youth.

Work is also not allowed in any institutions or organizations outside the information ministry, within work hours or outside working hours, without a prior permit. An announcement by the ministry warned all those who work for other institutions, whether for a specific pay or not, that they must have a prior permit from the ministry, and all those who violate this decision will be subject to legal procedures.

Meanwhile, in a step to complete the Kuwaitization process, an internal memo banning the renewal of iqamas of expatriate employees of Kuwait Municipality whose services have ended as part of their contracts or at consultant offices of all projects has been issued by Minister of Communication and Municipality Rana Al-Fares.

“Expatriate employees will be replaced with capable nationals in all public jobs at Kuwait Municipality within a specific timeframe in accordance with the needs of the municipality. The plan includes a complete training program which will allow more Kuwaitis to work and improve their overall performance, as these jobs are considered a national service for the overall public interest,” the statement said.

Also, Commerce and Industry Minister of Social Affairs and Societal development Fahad Al-Shuraian issued six decisions to replace six cooperative society managers. The decisions appointed Mishal Duhuwi as manager of Hiteen Co-op, Khalid Amer at Sabah Al-Nasser Co-op, Jassem Al-Kandari at Hadiya Co-op, Khalid Al-Qahtani at Ali Sabah Al-Salem Co-op, Ghunaim Al-Majidi as manager of Mubarak Al-Kabeer and Qurain Co-op and Salama Al-Enezi at Jaber Al-Ahmad Co-op.

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