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500 stores closed in Jleeb crackdown


By A Saleh

KUWAIT: Municipality Director General Ahmad Al-Manfouhi said it is too early to speak about reclaiming Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, adding that the municipality has closed more than 500 violating stores in the area, adding that there are 1,000 more stores with stickers sealing them as a prelude to permanent closure.

Manfouhi, during a field tour held by the government team commissioned to resolve the Jleeb problem in the presence of State Minister for Municipality Affairs Waleed Al-Jassim, said the difference is clear after only one month since the launch of the campaign. He said the municipality is now looking at alternatives to submit to the Council of Ministers. He said three areas will be handed to the manpower authority temporarily until bachelor cities are built.

Insurance offices closed
The commerce and industry ministry closed two insurance offices in co-ops for operating without a license. The commercial supervision department said the two agencies were closed administratively based on article 26 of the insurance organization law 125/2019.

Small blaze in kids’ club
The social affairs ministry said a blaze at a children’s club in Shamiya was limited and did not result in any injuries. Ministry Undersecretary Abdelaziz Shuaib said faulty wiring in decorative lights caused the fire, which was put out by a voluntary team member participating in a celebration. Fire operations were called and the wires were removed.

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