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6,000 travel bans a month in Kuwait

KUWAIT: Statistics by the justice ministry’s research and statistics department showed 18,314 travel bans had been issued during the first quarter of 2019, ie 6,000 a month and almost 200 per day. The quarterly statistical report explained that the sentence execution division carried out 1,024,284 measures, of which 46 percent (18,314) were travel bans and 29.8 percent were lifting travel bans. Statistics also showed that 29.1 percent of the lifted travel bans were made at the airport office, while only 3.3 percent were made at the Mubarak Al-Kabeer office.

Transactions suspended
The Public Authority for Manpower said transactions of companies whose owners fail to submit affidavits with information about authorized signatories and companies’ contacts by Aug 14 will be suspended. In other news, Acting manpower authority director Abdullah Al-Motoutah yesterday received the Ambassador of Ghana to Kuwait Ahmed Refae Yahya and his accompanying delegation. Both sides discussed cooperation and possible job opportunities for domestic helpers from Ghana. Motoutah said both sides discussed educating prospective workers about the nature of jobs in Kuwait and the difference between domestic jobs and working in the private sector.

Payroll alternative
Chairman of the parliamentary human resources development committee MP Khalil Al-Saleh stressed that the strategic payroll alternative will be a historic opportunity for employment reform in various state bodies. Saleh also rejected any exemptions to be made by the government if the law is implemented, adding that strict implementation will put an end to discrimination and give equal opportunities to all state employees.

Road repair
Ministry of Public Works (MPW) undersecretary Ismail Ali Ahmed yesterday met Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART) acting director Soha Ashkanani, MPW assistant undersecretaries Khaled Al-Khazi and Abdul Aziz Al-Sabah and representatives of asphalt factories in Kuwait to discuss road repair plans.

By A Saleh and Meshaal Al-Enezi

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