9 arrested for fighting

KUWAIT: Criminal detectives arrested nine young men, while two were sent to Jahra Hospital under guard, following a violent fight in a Jahra cafe. Video of part of the fight was uploaded on social media. Preliminary investigations revealed the fight was over staring, and the cafe they were in has cabins where women are allowed. The men used sharp objects, and the two injured men were admitted to the ICU in critical condition.

Car, flat damaged
In Fahd Al-Ahmad, a citizen told police his car was damaged while parked in front of a salon. He said the windshield and back window were smashed, and the two side mirrors were stolen. Separately, a real estate company representative lodged a complaint against a tenant for damaging the flat he rents.

Under the influence
A Syrian expat was sent to the central prison after questioning by police for resisting arrest and public drunkenness, in addition to disturbing the peace. Another Syrian was taken to Nugra police station for being drunk, then sent to forensics to determine the alcohol content in his blood. The Syrian had stormed the flat of an Iraqi woman, so she screamed for help. Meanwhile, a citizen was detained at Nugra police station for suspicion of being drunk. He then attacked a police officer who was handling him.

Fight in Nugra cafe
Paramedics rushed a Jordanian and a Syrian to hospital for treatment of injuries they sustained during a fight in a Nugra cafe over a game of cards. The two refused to solve the matter amicably, so a case of exchanging blows was filed against them, and both were sent for questioning.

Classified info leaked
Intensive investigations by the Interior Ministry over the leaking of a classified document to the media revealed a high-ranking official and an Iranian journalist are involved. Some media published reports that included operational orders and internal security correspondence that are highly confidential, prompting the deputy premier and interior minister to order an investigation to find who told an officer to leak a copy of a confidential letter regarding an unannounced move by police. A security source said authorities were surprised was when it was discovered the journalist is an Iranian who claims he is a bedoon.

Young man fined
The comprehensive court fined a young man KD 3,000 for publishing remarks that harmed the reputation of a girl and insulting her on WhatsApp.


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