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Chaos creates opportunities

Badrya Darwish
Badrya Darwish

It’s a disgrace what happened in Paris. Killing innocent people anywhere in this world is a crime. It’s a disgrace for humanity and these people should be chased to the end of the earth and destroyed. Terrorism, as everyone knows, has no color, no race, no religion, no morals, no ethics and no nothing. Unfortunately, the terrorists in Paris, in Mali and in Lebanon in recent weeks pinned themselves to Islam.

But we’re used to this. Islam has been hijacked for years by terrorists and people who are not Muslims and don’t know anything about Islam. They belong to terrorist and militant groups and just use the banner of Islam as a camouflage. Sadly, the media in Europe have turned all their forces – be it traditional or social media, TV or radio, and newspapers – to pinning what happened in Paris on refugees. Already, Europe is sick of the word refugee. Already, some governments and people are rejecting refugees.

But this is unacceptable. And it needs courageous people to speak up in their name. They are running from IS. Actually, the reason why they are refugees is because of IS, so how can you pin the acts of IS on them? Many of them die on the way, risk the lives of their children and drown in the sea in eternal hope of reaching a safe haven away from the bloodshed and terrorism in Syria.

They are not having a five-star journey. Who would risk their lives and the lives of their children and families in severe, life threatening conditions, except desperate people? Now, anti-refugee politicians and media are exploiting the situation to push their agenda. In the chaos, people are scared and can be vulnerable to believing that refugees pose a threat. Some politicians have even suggested recruiting the refugees, training them and giving them arms and sending them back home to fight IS. I’m sure there are amongst the refugees men who are willing, if given the chance, to go back and fight for their country. But is this really the solution to stopping IS?

I have a suggestion for you. Whoever is supplying IS with arms, technology, weapons and money: Stop it. IS will finish itself in no time. No need to send any troops from anywhere, neither Europe nor the refugees.

Have a peaceful day.

By Badrya Darwish

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