A Family Under Siege

Talal Al-Ghannam
Talal Al-Ghannam

Good morning my dear and honorable friends. In this article, I would like to narrate a story about a human being here in Kuwait with her son who have been living in a state of misery for the past three and half years.

This poor lady came to Kuwait seven years ago and took a job in a well respected company with a very good salary but then she transferred to another job. The poor woman became very sick and stayed home for three days as she could not move. The company filed an absconding case against her, and that coincided with the termination of her visa along with her son’s.

The two of them have since been confined in a 3×3 bedroom with no single form of entertainment except for a personal computer they use to communicate with their loved ones back home. The room does not even have a TV set. They share a bathroom with others living in the same apartment.

The poor lady works online to pay for her rent which is equivalent exactly to what earns. The poor family sometimes miss dinner and wait for the morning to eat breakfast as a sort of rationalization of the food given to them as charity.

The poor woman was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago but has not gone for treatment and instead only takes pain killers daily to soothe the terrible pain associated with this nasty disease. She can barely stand on her feet, not more than for a few minutes before she must sit down. But sitting for long periods also causes her problems because she had a spine surgery previously. She also has diabetes, high blood pressure and numbness in her arms every now and then.

The poor couple cannot even go out of the room and have not seen the sunlight for a few years. They have no friends except for a real Allah-fearing gentleman who helps as much as he can with their needs.
The lady’s mother has begged for them to return to their home country. But the 77-year-old granny does not know anything about the fate of her loved ones here in Kuwait. She only hears promises that they are doing well and are very busy with work till Allah permits and bestows them with His mercy.

The 15-year-old boy was forced to leave school despite excelling in music. He also has a knee problem and barely can assist his mother when she faints sometimes. The only thing they need is a true dua (prayer) from the heart that Allah may soon get them out of their ordeal and let them go home. I could not hold my tears inside my eyes every time I listen to the mother or see the poor kid awaiting a bright future like his peers. It is a real sad story, and those with pure hearts could not tolerate seeing this small family suffer.
Till the next article Insha Allah.


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