A statement from Boursa Kuwait on the continuation of trading

Boursa Kuwait confirms its support  to the decisions and instructions made by the Council of Ministers  and Health Ministry in light of the circumstances the country is going through, and would like to note that the bourse is considered one of the most important economic facilities that should operate regularly to serve traders just like all bourses around the world that are still trading and did not stop even while COVID-19 is spreading.

Boursa Kuwait justifies its support for continuing trading to several considerations , most important of which:

Safety of traders and employees :

Boursa Kuwait considers the safety of traders, workers and their families a top priority, so it took several  precautionary and preventive decisions and steps to safeguard their health in a way that agrees with the instructions of the health ministry, they are:

  • Closing the bourse building for the public, and carry out the trading service online and call the broker by phone.
  • Continually sterilizing the Kuwait Bourse building to ensure a healthy working environment for all.
  • Reduce the number of workers at the bourse to a minimum in a way that provides operating requirements.
  • Prevent workers at Boursa Kuwait or brokering companies who meet conditions of house quarantine from working.
  • Commit brokering companies to provide sterilizers for workers
  • Follow all preventive and precautionary instructions of health ministry while following them daily for any developments and updates.

Rights of traders and shareholders

  • Boursa Kuwait seeks to protect the rights of traders and shareholders, particularly the small ones to maintain their rights in trading by buying or selling according to what they see in investment opportunities.
  • The bourse confirms that there are dues to all shareholders with their various shares and categories from the companies’ profits distributions that will be affected adversely if the bourse stops.
  • There are suspended funds regarding the trading of the last three working days, and they belong to shareholders of various shares and categories and the stopping of the bourse will lead to not receiving their financial rights which will stop their work and negatively affect their commitments.
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