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ABK concludes National and Liberation Day celebrations

KUWAIT: Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK) concludes its National and Liberation Day celebrations. In order to honor our country and display our pride, ABK held a broad range of internal and external initiatives. An important part of ABK’s campaign was the creation of the festive song entitled ‘Omri L’ahli’with acclaimed Kuwaiti artist Essa Al Marzouq. Kuwait has enriched the lives of so many and has provided infinite opportunities to people from all walks of life.

Loai Muqames

In order to capture the spirit of the nation and to show our devotion, ABK prepared an internal commemorative plan where employees partook in the celebrations with each other and with customers across the Bank’s multiple branch network that is spread across Kuwait.  Commenting on the internal program of events, Loai Muqames, CEO of ABK – Kuwait said, “ABK’s branch network and various departments proudly participated in a competition entitled “Best Creative Design” where they decorated their respective branches and units.

We were impressed and thrilled with their creativity, and our customers responded positively to the decorations and the staff’s enthusiasm.  It was very difficult to pick winners amongst such creativity, but six winners were selected and they received cash prizes.” The winners of the Branch decoration competition are as follows: first place went to Al Shaab branch, second place went to Al Jahra 1 branch, and third place went to Al Adnan branch.

The winners of the Division/Unit decoration competition are as follow: first place went to the Retail Banking Division, second place went to the Human Resources Division, and third place went to the Call Center In order to further celebrate with the people of Kuwait and to leave a lasting legacy, ABK released what has become a widely popular song. Regarding the song, Muqames said, “As ABK was deciding to create a song, we wanted to ensure we included the youth of Kuwait and to highlight their rich talents.

The aim of the song was to truly encapsulate the spirit of Kuwait through the portrayal of the themes of unity, solidarity and cohesion. It encompassed a fusion of traditional and modern Kuwait and the production was inspired by today’s youth. To show the diversity of Kuwait, the song was filmed in scenic locations across the country. To ensure all of ABK’s employees felt the spirit of the celebrations, the ‘Omri L’ahli’ song was played at the Head Office and staff were presented with Kuwait-themed giveaways.”

In conclusion, Muqames said, “I would like to extend my gratitude to the ABK team that drove the success of ‘Omri L’ahli’. The song was released on ABK’s social media channels and has garnered an impressive 1.6+ million views and remains an everlasting gift to our country. I would also like to thank the staff and branch network for their enthusiasm and to congratulate the winners of our campaign.” For more information about ABK, please visit eahli.com or contact an ABK customer service agent via ‘Ahlan Ahli’ at 1899899.


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