Accident mystery solved; bedoon held for murder

MOI’s relations and security media department said that detectives managed to unfold the mystery of what initially appeared to be a normal traffic accident and then turned out to be a murder. The sources explained that a 36 year old non-Kuwaiti was arrested for deliberately running over his own brother several times before he also used a hammer to smash his skull and finish him. The sources added that the murderer turned himself in and justified his actions with family problems. The suspect is facing first degree murder charges.

Fire at Bayan

Following up the fire at a Bayan high school, MOI’s relations and security media department announced that security forces managed to arrest a 15 year old citizen for setting the school director’s and his secretaries offices ablaze. The sources added that the suspect was arrested with the possession of the tools he used. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Hospital visit

Deputy PM and minister of interior, sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah and his undersecretary, Lt. general Suleiman Al-Fahad yesterday visited police captain, Ismail Bahbahani at Mubarak Al-Kabeer hospital where he is being treated from injuries he sustained while arresting an alcohol deader in Salwa.

Worker escapes death

Workers in an under construction courts complex in Hawalli recently escaped death when a five meter long steel beam fell from the seventh floor, said security sources noting that the beam only caused material damage.

Firemen injured

A fire recently broke out in an electric materials warehouse located over an area of 5000 square meters in Amghara, said security sources noting that fire teams were dispatched to the scene who managed to control the fire without reporting any casualties except for two firemen who were injured in the process.

Copper cables stolen

Lawyer of an oil company recently reported that unidentified robbers had stolen copper cables from two electricity transformers at the company’s site. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.
Smuggle attempt
Customs inspectors at Shuwaikh port recently foiled an attempt to smuggle 422 cartoons of fake replicas of famous attire brands.

Egyptians arrested

Three Egyptians who were wanted in Egypt for murder and attempted murder were recently arrested in Kuwait after receiving Interpol reports about the suspects, said security sources.

Failed attempt

In an attempt to escape an arrest, a non-Kuwaiti alcohol pusher and his friend ran over a police detective in Salwa before his colleagues managed to control and apprehend them, said security sources.

Female held captive

A lawyer recently reported that his client; a female citizen who hired him to sue her family, was held captive by her family, said security sources noting that the lawyer urged security forces to investigate the matter and release her.

Security officers acquitted

State security recently acquitted two Egyptian security officers guarding a park in Jahra of charges of trading in weapons, said security sources.

Citizen found dead

A citizen in his thirties was recently found dead at his house with drug abuse tools and empty plastic bags with traces of drug by his bed, said security sources noting that initial reports suggest that the man died due to an overdose. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.
By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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