After corona 2

As I said yesterday, the GCC Health Council issued a booklet on how to go on with our lives after the coronavirus crisis is over. The booklet was all about common sense, but it is important to keep reminding what to do in order to be as safe as possible. The booklet contains instructions for public transport users, starting with the driver who must be in good health and not feeling any symptoms. He should be wearing a facemask when on duty. The vehicle should not have many passengers on board. Passengers should be kept about six feet apart. Frequently touched surfaces should be sterilized more often.
Meanwhile in taxis, the passenger should be in the back seat, besides having the driver wearing a mask. They should be carrying their belongings at all times, and always keep the windows open for fresh air. One you reach your destination, wash your hands before touching your face. For those in their private cars, keep a bottle of sanitizer with you. Sterilize your hands before getting into the car, besides following instructions as above.
When you are in the market, avoid crowded places, avoid using lifts, keep a two-meter distance between you and others and do not touch surfaces needlessly. When you go to a public park, follow the general instructions, in addition to avoiding use of games and rides there.
Now many will return to gatherings such as in diwaniyas etc, and if this cannot be avoided, at least reduce the frequency of the gatherings, minimize the number of those in attendance and clean surfaces that are touched more often.
A popular destination in Kuwait is restaurants – restaurant owners should spread awareness about washing hands and keeping them clean, and this should become a habit by the employees all the time. Bottles of sanitizers should be kept around the main areas. Employees should not be too close to each other, and they should be told not to shake hands, while wearing masks and gloves and changing them frequently.
Other go-to places are gyms – a safe environment must be provided to protect employees and members and keep equipment, computers and phones clean. Meanwhile, trainers should wash their uniforms after every use. They should watch out for any cuts and should treat them and keep them covered.
It is advised that club members must maintain preventive procedures such as washing hands frequently and not sharing creams and other material placed in open containers. They should keep a cloth between themselves and surfaces of equipment in use, then naturally take a shower as soon as the exercise is over.
See you tomorrow!
“Be grateful for every second of every day that you get to spend with the people you love. Life is so very precious.” — Mandy Hale

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