Aggressive behavior

KUWAIT: “He provoked and angered me when he insulted my mother who is sick with cancer,” was the response of an adolescent to detectives to justify his aggressive behavior after he slapped a child in a mall. The youth – caught on video – was identified, arrested and questioned, then released by the public prosecution.

Suspect nabbed
Jahra detectives were able to identify another main suspect in the fight between several youth on Monday. He was arrested after fierce resistance when they raided his flat in Salwa. The man was also found sentenced to 10 years in jail. Meanwhile, the condition of one of the injured men worsened and got very critical.

Salesman attacked
A Syrian beat a Bangladeshi salesman with punches and kicks, then picked up a stick and continued his beating. Shoppers in the area called police, who rushed to the shop along with paramedics and took the Bangladeshi to Sabah Hospital. Meanwhile, the Syrian told police they differed over prices, and things escalated to violence.

Suspicious death
A citizen called Interior Ministry operations and told them his friend had died in his car. Police had suspicions around the death, and the caller is being interrogated. The incident took place in Jahra. In another development, the body of a national guardsman was recovered by the coroner after he was found dead in his car in Qairawan. Material thought to be drugs were found in the car. He was in his 30s.

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