Agility, Super Group form South Africa logistics JV – Deal strengthens Agility in strategic market

KUWAIT: Leading global logistics provider Agility announced that it has formed a joint venture in South Africa with Super Group, a Johannesburg-based supply chain management and transportation specialist, after acquiring a minority stake in Super Group’s freight forwarding unit. SG Agility Proprietary Ltd. will be led by Henk Theron, formerly CEO of Micor, Super Group’s freight forwarding business.

Super Group, listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange, is a leader in South Africa’s supply chain and contract logistics market. Super Group’s Micor unit has been a global strategic partner for Agility since 2005. The new venture, SG Agility, will offer local and multinational customers a range of logistics and supply chain solutions, including air freight, ocean freight, road freight, customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution. SG Agility will have more than 150 employees.

Its head office is Johannesburg; branch offices are located in Port Elizabeth, Durban and Cape Town. Elias Monem, Agility’s CEO of Middle East & Africa, said: “South Africa is vital to our strategic growth and expansion in Africa. It has welldeveloped financial, legal, communications and transport sectors, along with an open trade policy and a comparatively strong domestic market. The joint venture with Super Group is a sign of our commitment to both South Africa and the continent.”

Theron said: “Partnering with Agility gives our customers access to a leading international logistics provider with a strong global network and a legacy of proven performance. Our team on the ground and experience in the market allow us to add value to Agility’s operations and further the growth and development of the logistics industry in sub-Saharan Africa.” Agility continues to expand its Africa footprint, with operations in Egypt, Algeria, Angola, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa providing logistics services across the continent, including warehousing, freight forwarding, customs clearance and project logistics.

Agility’s Infrastructure group operates in Ghana, Rwanda, Libya, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Malawi and Mozambique, providing services that include warehousing and infrastructure construction, aviation and camp services. Agility’s emerging market roots enable the company to handle complex environments in an efficient way, ensuring that clients are serviced with top-of-the-line services and solutions.

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