Ahmadi’s reckless driver arrested; 2 Bangladeshis caught with 120 liquor bottles

KUWAIT: Policemen in Ahmadi put an end to the activity of a reckless driver known as “Masmouh”. Video clips on social media showed a young man showing off in many areas of Ahmadi without regard to others’ safety. Policemen sent patrols in the area and spotted “Masmouh”, who had blocked the road to display his dangerous skills in front of his fans. He was surrounded and detained at the police station for further action.

Liquor possession
A fight between two Bangladeshis in Mangaf revealed 120 homebrewed liquor bottles in their possession, so they were arrested and sent to the Drugs Control General Department (DCGD). Policemen who received a call about the fight went to scene, but the two escaped on foot, leaving their car behind. They were chased and caught. When their car was searched, the liquor was discovered, so the men and the liquor were sent to DCGD.

Domestic violence
An Egyptian woman who woke up late at night and found her husband speaking on the phone, so she asked whom he was speaking with. The man did not like his wife’s jealousy, so he beat her severely, leaving marks on her face and hands. The woman went to Mubarak Hospital, then to the police station and lodged a complaint against her husband. The husband was detained at the station for questioning.

Drunk driver caught
A drunk citizen was arrested when she attempted to avoid police and drove her car on the pavement in Salmiya, and was found wanted on a financial case. A security source said policemen on patrol were alerted by woman who drove on the pavement, then when they approached her, she was found in an abnormal condition. They found a liquor bottle in the car, so she was arrested. She was charged with public drunkenness and was sent to the civil sentences enforcement department.

Missing girl found
A girl was noticed by workers at a café sleeping after spending hours there, so they called police, as they were afraid to come close to her. A police patrol woke up the girl. She is a citizen in her 20s, and said the shisha caused her to go to sleep. She was also found reported missing by her family. Policemen took her to Salmiya police station for further action. – Al-Rai

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