Airport staff ignore no smoking warnings

KUWAIT: A department director at Kuwait International Airport sought environment police’s help against smoking employees who ignored rules and kept smoking in the building. A security source said an environment police officer went to the department, where he was met with an angry response. A dispute then took place during which the officer was verbally insulted by an employee. The officer lodged a complaint at Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh police station. The employee was summoned and detained as the case went to the public prosecution.

Hawally detectives arrested a Kuwaiti man for claiming a cheque issued by the defense ministry for the treatment of his friend abroad. A soldier in Kuwait army received approval for treatment abroad and named a friend to be with him during the treatment and asked him to claim the cheque. But he kept it for himself, then disappeared and did not answer calls. The soldier informed Jabriya police, so detectives arrested the suspect, who faces legal action.

Fall and injury
A Jordanian man returned home with shopping bags, leaving one for his wife to carry. The woman then noticed a toy snake moving, so she dropped the bag and ran. But she fell down the stairs and was injured. She was taken to hospital.

Police save the day
An Indian man escaped a robbery attempt as a police patrol was passing by. Policemen noticed a gathering in Fintas, only to discover three juveniles were threatening a man, who told the officers that the three citizens wanted to rob his money. The suspects were arrested and sent to concerned authorities.

Child assaulted
Police arrested a motorist who beat a child with Down’s syndrome. Salmiya police received a complaint from a citizen about his son being beaten and handed them a medical report. He said his son was crossing a parking lot, when a motorist stopped and beat him. Some passersby noted the license plate number of the attacker and gave it to detectives.

An Ethiopian woman accused three compatriots of robbing her. She said the three stole money and mobile phones.

Suicide attempt
A citizen attempted suicide following a dispute with her husband by ingesting nail polish remover. The woman questioned her husband’s behavior, and a verbal exchange ensued. He threatened to divorce her if she spoke about something he claimed he did not do. She then drank the liquid and felt ill. Paramedics rushed her to hospital where she was treated.

Motorists fight
A fight broke out between a man and a woman over the right of way. A security source said a citizen complained to police against a person for beating her, besides making verbal insults and obscene gestures following a traffic dispute. She said the suspect then escaped. The woman provided police with the man’s vehicle information and they are working on the case.

Drug possession
Police noticed a man in Sulaibiya farms attempting to throw something out, and when they searched his vehicle, they found 10 bags of a substance suspected of being marijuana. He was sent to the Drugs Control General Department. Meanwhile, Ahmadi patrols arrested a citizen wanted to serve three years and a half in jail on a drugs offense. – Translated from the Arabic press

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