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AIU introduces Art Lounge to showcase students’ works

KUWAIT: AIU believes in student-centered education and at the heart of this academic approach is displaying the students’ art, projects, and designs. Student art and designs can be seen in abundance around the critically acclaimed, award-winning campus. Just above the main reception area, outside of the campus auditorium, AIU has designed the Art Lounge, an area dedicated to showcasing student art. Displaying students’ work is crucial to their development as artists and designers as it generates motivation, cultivates a community of artists, and empowers future artists.

When students know their art is going on display, it changes the design process dynamic. The art and design classrooms become a collaborative community where students and instructors create together. Student work will be on display for all students and faculty to see, think about, and react to. By displaying student work, the students have expectations to meet, providing the motivation to be successful and the empowerment they require to nurture their artistic minds once their work is visible to others.

The School of Architecture and Design at American International University provides students with the foundation and support they will need to foster their creative abilities and go on to pursue careers in the art and design world. Students majoring in Architecture and Design can go on to become graphic designers, art directors, architects, and interior designers. AIU is proud of the School of Architecture and Design and looks forward to providing more student-centered courses to help empower the next generation of Kuwaiti artists.

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