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AIWN hosts Lt Col Mitchell

Lt Col Melody Mitchell speaking at the event.

KUWAIT: Alghanim Industries, one of the largest privately owned companies in the region, announced its third meeting of the Alghanim Industries Women’s Network (AIWN). This network was launched to provide female employees in the company a solid platform to connect with peers, gain exposure, and promote opportunities for upward career mobility.


The third meeting for the AIWN was held on Thursday, 24 August 2017 at Al Hamra Grand Cinemas, the event was facilitated by Lieutenant Colonel Melody Mitchell, carrying over 17 years of experience in the US Air Force as an Active Duty Officer and Special Agent.


She recently was assigned to the US Embassy in Kuwait starting a new position as a Foreign Military Sales Coordinator for the Office of Military Cooperation – Kuwait. Melody is also the Lean In Circle Regional Leader, Lean In Circles are women empowerment groups that meet regularly to learn, encourage and grow together as a support group. Each country has its own Lean In Chapter that helps organize and create Lean In Circles with a diverse mix of peers.


Melody’s role within Lean In is to promote and raise awareness on gender equality, having created the first Lean In chapter in Kuwait. The lecture focused on the importance of leveraging network platforms, such as AIWN, to help steer your career and grow within the company. The event concluded with an interactive activity which included the audience sharing their perspective on leadership, their aspirations and most profound moments in their professional careers.


Commenting on the event, Chief Human Resources Officer at Alghanim Industries, George Lambros said: “This marks our third Alghanim Industries Women’s Network (AIWN) event since its launch last year. Alghanim Industries has an unwavering commitment towards the empowerment of women in the company. We value the power of collective networks that allow female employees to voice out their opinions and suggestions on critical matters that are important to their growth.”


Commenting on the event, Melody Mitchell said, “My first encounter with Alghanim Industries came at the company’s Gender Diversity Conference held last year, where I had the privilege to speak about the Lean In Circle, I am delighted to be part of this important initiative that promotes women empowerment. Women have always played critical leadership roles in their families, communities and civil society, by bringing together a diverse group of women leaders, we can empower the next generation of female leaders to reach the highest levels of success.”


Alghanim Industries has actively prioritized gender diversity at the company, and worked on multiple fronts to address issues related to recruiting and retaining female talent. The company introduced improved maternity leave policies, including extending the paid maternity leave up to 90 days. Alghanim Industries also co-organized a gender diversity conference that hosted local and international guest speakers, along with CEO Omar Alghanim who highlighted the company’s commitment to female talent during his keynote speech.

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