Al-Arabi, Kazma, Kuwait and Yarmouk in s-finals of HH the Amir Cup

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Al-Arabi Football Club seems to have regained its winning ways at it trounced Burgan Club 4-1 to reach the semi-finals of HH the Amir Cup. Al-Arabi’s goals were scored by Cedric Henry in the 18th minute, Alsanousi Alhadi in the 21st and 79th minutes and Xavi Torres in the 41st minute from the penalty spot, Burgan’s only goal was scored by Yousuf Saad in the 50th minute. It was obvious from the onset that Al-Arabi was going to attack from the first whistle with Burgan sticking to a futile defensive strategy.

The repeated attacks of Al-Arabi produced the first goal early on in the 18th minute, followed by a second when Mohammad Furaih sent a cross which was converted into a goal by Alhadi in the 21st minute. Despite being down by two goals Burgan stuck to defending which allowed Al-Arabi to gain an almost full control and won a penalty which Xavi kicked in the back of the net for a third goal.

Burqan abandoned its defensive style in the second half and exchanged few attacks and was able to score in the 50th minute. Al-Arabi could establish control as the case was in the first half and Burgan had two legitimate chances to score, but Al-Arabi had the final word when it scored the fourth goal in the 79th minute. Meanwhile in an earlier match Al Yarmouk defeated Al Jahra 3-1, after being one goal down.

Al Jahra drew first blood from the penalty spot as Obaid Rafe’ kicked in in the 45th minute, then Yarmouk equalized, also from the penalty spot by Hashim Adnan in the 52nd minute. Mansour Bader scored a second goal for Yarmouk in the 69th minute , then Sonami Doof scored a third 3 minutes into injury time. This means Al-Arabi, Kazma, Kuwait and Yarmouk are into the semi final and a draw will be held today for the semi final matches.

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