Al-Dawli organizes 6th Ramadan Football Tournament for staff


KUWAIT: Driven by its keenness to diversify its activities and events that are tailored for staff during the Holy Month of Ramadan, Kuwait International Bank (KIB) announced the organization of the 6th Ramadan football tournament for its staff aiming to invest in their potentials by dedicating a number of events that help build their personality and strengthen the bonds between them.

Commenting on this tournament, Head of Corporate Communication Unit Nawaf Najia said,”Every year, the bank strives to dedicate a full Ramadan program for Al-Dawli’s family, which aims to fill their leisure time with something useful, as well as provoke the spirit of challenge and enthusiasm between them in a friendly atmosphere away from work environment.”

He added that such events would boosttheir intellectual and physical activity enabling them to practice their religious and spiritual rituals in a better way. Nawaf Najia pointed out that the number of participants in the tournament is growing on yearly basis, where the number of participating staff in this tournament reached a huge number of employees from various departments and distributed on various teams.

Nawaf Najia praised the bank’s vital role in strengthening the bonds and cooperation between Al-Dawli’s family members on one hand and between the various departments on the other by organizing various events and sports activities on a regular basis, especially in Ramadan. He also acclaimed the staff role and dedication for their significant response and interaction with such activities, which demonstratesthe mutual trust between the bank’s management and staff andit contributes to building a healthy and cooperative atmosphere between its employees, the bank’s most valuable asset.

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