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Al-Jothen launches ‘The One & Only Original ‘Brazilian Blowout”


Al-Jothen continues to acquire the best of the renowned international brands and welcomes Brazilian Blowout to its portfolio; the number one  hair smoothing treatment in the world by a long shot!

Al-Jothen has always been at the helm of the beauty industry in the region for the past 25 years. Its Silver Jubilee year is marked by unveiling one of most celebrated niche brands in the hair care industry, The One & Only Original ‘Brazilian Blowout’. The event was hosted at the picturesque Movenpick Hotel with a calm sea in the background yesterday. The launch was graced by the very beautiful Yalda Golsharifi, one of the attending opinion leaders favored in the professional industry whom in turn has appraised its results from a salon owner perspective in front of a 100 attending salons. The event was then carried forward by the Lead Hair Stylists & Educators from Brazilian Blowout USA.

Technicians, managers and salon owners from top salons across Kuwait were present along with the media to witness the launch and the ease with which messy, frizzy hair was turned into sleek straight hair, that anyone would pride. Straight hair being the basic trend and need worldwide, Brazilian Blowout is the global leader in this sector and is ranked as the number one hair smoothing treatment in the world.

The treatment originated in Brazil with the use of indigenous ingredients like acai berry and annatto seed. The liquid keratin formula in the Brazilian Blowout creates a protective layer around all strands of hair, shielding it against external damage and reducing the frizz by sealing the cuticle. The end result was straight, more hydrated and ‘ready for heat styling’ hair.

Brazilian Blowout in comparison to other keratin treatments is more flexible as it can be tailored to specific hair types. Moreover, after any Brazilian Blowout treatment, one can go back to normal routine like swimming, exercising, putting their hair into a ponytail and so on, without any restrictions. The Brazilian Blowout 3-step smoothing treatment live demonstration was followed by Brazilian Blowout’s fastest moving, record hitting and quickest hair treatment for split ends. This treatment is everyone’s favorite and was extremely interactive! It is a 5- minute in-salon one-step treatment that magically eliminates split ends.

Also, more treasure from the Brazilian Blowout was unveiled, as it is not just about straightening, but a whole lot more. With the introduction of their new range of products called the Brazilian Bond Builder (abbreviated to b3), they foray into the hair color industry with a whole new perspective. The best part of this one-step treatment is that it can be used with any hair color formulation and it requires no added time to the color service. The b3 uses a specifically engineered co-polymer technology which not only prevents hair damage during the color services but also helps in longer color retention and liveliness of the hair.

Yalda Golsharifi was engaged in a one-on-one Snapchat interaction with the lead educators from the United States. The fun and details of the event was not restricted to the attendants inside the hall. Yalda had ‘interactively snapped’ her chat with the educator and much more on her social media account. The event was also covered on social media platforms of Al-Jothen and was well attended by the media for a full event coverage.

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