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Al Kharafi Activity Centre holds ‘Girgian Around the Globe’ event

By Ghadeer Ghloum

KUWAIT: Al-Kharafi Activity Centre for Kids with Special Needs held a ‘Girgian Around the Globe’ celebration to support differently-abled people by giving them an opportunity to be included in the activities and celebrations that happen around them and to give them a chance to show their capabilities and special talents.
The center chose to celebrate Girgian to encourage original Kuwaiti traditions that are blended with good values and norms inherited from previous generations and elders that used to be practiced during the holy month of Ramadan, which is known to be the month of mercy and kindness.

The event included several activities and shows on stage, presented by the participants who are part of Al Kharafi Activity Center for Kids with Special Needs.
In collaboration with a group of volunteers, a variety of booths showcased traditional games and food was shared, besides distributing Girgian to the audience. The administration of the center thanked everyone for making the event successful, as taking part in such events represents one’s social responsibility and care towards differently-abled people by supporting and empowering them.

Hana’a Daghlas, a participant from Sama Volunteering Group, said she volunteered in this event because at such events, she sees differently-abled people happily enjoying their time with their families. Volunteering is very rewarding in terms of its emotional impact, as it brings happiness and positive vibes for both volunteers and people around them. Daghlas participated in a booth that displayed traditional food from Lebanon, Syria and Palestine.

Another volunteer, Abeer Shaheen, also said the main reason behind volunteering is to take part in bringing happiness to differently-abled kids, as their happiness brings her happiness, because it gives her a sense of closeness and solidarity with them. She also said that this is an opportunity to introduce differently-abled children in Kuwait to different cultures and cuisines. At the end of the event, the volunteering groups were thanked and rewarded by Al Kharafi Activity Centre for Kids with Special Needs for their efforts and for creating a safe and friendly atmosphere for differently-abled people to enjoy Girgian celebrations with their parents.

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