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Al-Mshabnaj – small wooden box handmade by old Kuwaiti sailors

KUWAIT: During their long sea voyages in search of precious pearls, Kuwaiti sailors in the old days used to make small wooden boxes called Al-Mshabnaj to safe-keep their personal belongings and preserve presents to loved ones back at home. Al-Mshabnaj was usually made out of wood and whatever material available on deck, Kuwaiti craftsman Khaled Al- Hadab said.

He said that rope was also an essential crafting material for Al-Mshabnaj, pointing out that the small size of the box was suitable to store some personal items and presents for family and friends. He said that sailors used to handpick the right type of wood to make their own personal boxes, adding that they also used to help each other to craft the item as a gesture solidarity and brotherhood. —KUNA

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