Al-Mutawa & Al-Kazi and GAC Motor affirm strong, successful partnership

GAC cars bag several prizes, acquire confidence of customers across the world

KUWAIT: Omar Sulaiman Al-Kazi, Executive Manager of Al-Mutawa and Al-Kazi Group, Wang Shungsheng, Deputy General Manager, LiuHaoyuan, Chief of International Business Division, Mark Chang, Director of Middle East, International Business Division and other officials of GAC Motor during the unveiling of GAC cars at Al-Tilal Complex. – Photos by Joseph Shagra

KUWAIT: Omar Sulaiman Al-Kazi, Executive Manager of Al-Mutawa and Al-Kazi Group and its subsidiaries, affirmed the commitment of the group to provide the best of what was achieved in automobile technology in the world to its customers through the constructive partnership with Al-Mutawa and Al-Kazi and (GAC Motor), the giant of car industry in China and the owner of distinctive renovations.

Al-Kazi made these remarks during a press conference which was held in Al-Mutawa and Al-Kazi showroom in Al-Tilal Complex, on the occasion of the visit of Wang Shungsheng, Deputy General Manager, LiuHaoyuan, Chief of International Business Division,  Mark Chang, Director of Middle East, International Business Division, and Leo Kong, Deputy Sales Director of Middle East, International Business Division, and  Ye Suitao, Clerk of international Business Department, and Cheng Yongru, Economic & Commercial Consumer. On the occasion of the visit,  two latest models were unveiled and added to the fleet of Al-Mutawa and Al-Kazi.  The models unveiled were GA8 and GS8 and the unveiling took place in the presence of a large number of media persons and attendants including loyal customers of the company.

In the beginning, Al-Kazi welcomed Wang Shungsheng, and the accompanying delegation, and the attendants. He spoke about the importance of the mutual cooperation with (GAC) Company for manufacturing Chinese cars, whose products witness a peerless acceptance and an increased growth, not only in China but in Europe, Middle East and Kuwait because of the high confidence the company attained among the customers over the years.  He also spoke about the quality of services provided to the customers at the time of sale including providing necessary advice for what is needed by the customers. The company also offers  a competitive pricing in addition to distinctive maintenance and repair facilities.

Al-Kazi said: GAC Motor uses original components for its cars from two international providers with an international quality. The electronic stability programs and the engine driving systems are from German (Pouch) Co, frontal brakes are from German (Continental) Co, the frontal and rear bumpers are from American (Fisteon) Co, and the multi-speed transmission (6-speed) is from Japanese (Aisen) Co. GAC Motor cars provide five patterns of driving after testing accumulated endurance for more than 10 million km of high efficiency and low consumption of fuel, being the best worldwide.

It also has Japanese (Dinso) Co air conditioner, and safety belts, airbags, rear brakes, and hydraulic power systems that are from American (BMW) Co.  This affirms the unique position being possessed by GAC among its peers in the car industry in the world. GAC is a fast-growing company in the world today as it occupies the second position among the Chinese cars for the confidence and satisfaction of the customers and the eighth rank internationally with its high innovative technological specifications as they had been developed as per the European standards.

International success
Al-Kazi also referred to the international successes of GAC Motor through scooping several international awards as a result of its application of the highest international standards in car manufacturing and its serious efforts in ensuring safety and security standards on roads for drivers and passengers. Based upon the strategy of GAC Motor for car manufacturing, “providing excellent cars to its lovers”  GAC puts its customers in a number one position.  Al-Mutawa and Al-Kazi Trading Co, the exclusive agent of GAC Motor cars in Kuwait, is strictly adhering to security, comfort and good health of its customers.
Wang Shungsheng said the partnership between GAC Motor Car Manufacturing Co and Al-Mutawa & Al-Kazi Co in Kuwait is being considered a distinctive one and the GAC brand has achieved success in Kuwait and in the region through its various unique services it renders to its valued customers during and after sales.

He thanked the Board of Directors of Al-Mutawa and Al-Kazi Trading Co for its cooperation and for the successes achieved over the last few years in growth in sales.  “It is one of the companies with deep-rooted history in Kuwait.  It enjoys huge experiences in the fields of marketing, selling of cars, motors and spare-parts and maintenances,” he added.

Wang Shungsheng added that GAC car is distinguished by its technological and esthetical features, equipped with rear lamps, consisting of U-shape, dual LED lamp, as well as lanterns, with the same shape, and dual, with a gradual design, creating a feeling of technology in the multi-dimension spaces, with its balanced details, explaining the spirit of freedom and liberty. The frontal lanterns enables the driver to have a view up to 600m, and a lighting width of 56 m, with a rectangular shape and form and adjustable sensitivity, for ensuring a safe driving in a great form, showing an elegance of the developed technology.
Wideness and comfort

Wang Shungsheng added that GS8 car is distinguished by very high specifications.  The air-conditioner came independent with three places, a system of air cleaning with passive ion, providing comfort for passengers through their journey.
Wang Shungsheng clarified that GS8 vehicle is equipped with new technologies for smart identification with the second generation of BIB, introducing it without buttons.  A button for operation, by applying the technology of smart identification and smart welcoming lights. Identifying the driver automatically, and opening remote control for finding the car.  It also has a 3D dual navigation and sound systems, indicating the status of traffic and crowdedness on roads and traffic jams.  GS8 has a function of charging mobile phone wirelessly, by assistance of the technology of identifying strange objects and the function of electromagnetic charging for charging the phones without cables, for providing comfort in an ideal car.

Various driving patterns
GS8 car is consistent to work in a good form in all road conditions. It is equipped with 6 pioneering patterns of driving (sand, mud, smart, sportive, and economical position).  The vehicle can immediately detect strange features and distribute the energy of driving fully among the frontal and real wheels as per the case.  GS8 also includes a solid chassis with a high performance, being accurately harmonious with the upper masses to enable them for driving easily, and solving the breakdowns of the car in a way that provides comfort during experience of driving and its splendor; it so have a safe, solid and high-power body with a percentage of 90 percent consistency with required standards in a great way in North America, being able to control absorbing shocks.

For more safety, there are 8 airbags with double pads for knee, being peerless of a kind, in the frontal rows to grant the passengers protection at all directions on occurrence of any risk, and provides a safe journey.  The car is also equipped with high protection for children. It has a façade of seats for children in the rear row, which provide easiness of installing seats for children with a professional design and firmness of 360 degrees, providing a safer space for children.

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