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Al-Ojairi Scientific Center tracks Sun’s Movement

KUWAIT: In a documentary scientific study, led by Al-Ojairi Scientific Center, a site was located with the goal of following the movement of the Sun over a period of six months and photographing it in order to monitor and document the highest and lowest points the Sun reaches over the seasons of the year.

The highest point of the Sun’s path in the image represents the summer (summer solstice) where the Sun reaches its maximum altitude in Kuwait at an almost vertical angle of 84.17 degrees, while the lowest point of the Sun represents the winter season (the winter solstice) where the Sun reaches its lowest elevation in Kuwait with an oblique angle of 37.17 degrees.

The lines represented in the image indicate the movement of the Sun throughout the day. Sunny days leave a solid line, and the Sun gets lower in the sky with each passing day. Partly sunny days have a broken line, and no line appears on overcast days.

Dr Abrar Ahmed Al-Ali, a professional researcher in the field of solar physics and the project supervisor, noted that the Sun is the planet’s primary source of heat and energy, as well as one of the most significant sources of clean and renewable energy.

Thus, one must have a better understanding of the Sun and its impact on the Earth. This led to the notion of monitoring and documenting the Sun’s movement in the sky as an initial step towards gaining a better knowledge of it.

The path of the Sun is a key concept when developing a solar power system and trying to comprehend its performance. The Sun’s path refers to the seasonal and hourly changes of the Sun as the Earth spins and orbits the Sun. This is related to the solar energy system in various ways. For instance, the influence of the length of the shadow and the tilt angle of the Sun on the system’s performance.

The image was produced using a pinhole camera built by photographer and Solargrafia project creator Diego Lopez Calvin, which used recycled cans designed for long exposures and photosensitive materials that leave an imprint as the Sun moves.

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