Al-Qadisiya basketball team defeat Kuwait

Winners Al-Qadisiya basketball team

KUWAIT: Al-Qadisiya basketball team defeated Kuwait team by the score of 82-75 in their match that was held Tuesday at Kuwait Club hall, to conclude the first half of the basketball league.
Al-Jahra defeated Al-Nasser 84-65. This makes Al-Qadisya on top with 10 points while Kuwait has 9 points followed by Jahra 8, Kazima 7, Araby 6 and Nasser 5.

The Qadisiya and Kuwait match was very strong since it started, as Kuwait was in control and reached the score of 14-6 as players were highly focused and their attacks were highly organized, and Qadisiya players were hasty and squandered several opportunities, though the difference was reduced as the first quarter ended with the score of 16-13.
Then in the second quarter Al-Qadisiya turned the tide through its player Nasser Al-Hajras and was scoring from under the basket, while Saleh Al-Yousuf was scoring from outside, and the quarter ended with 32-29.

The third quarter saw Al-Qadisiya succeed in raising the difference to 7 points rebounding from under the basket by Ahmad Darweesh, Saleh Yousuf and Abdelrahman Al-Sahou, then Kuwait tied the score 39-39 through the moves of its players Hussein Al-Khabbaz and Abdallah Al-Shimmari, yet Al-Qadisiya was able to end the third quarter by the score of 53-46.
Excitement characterized the fourth quarter as Kuwait took the initiative and exchanged leads until Al-Qadisiya made the score 66-63 with 16 seconds remaining, only to have Kuwait tie the score by a three pointer by Fahad Al-Dhafiri.
The teams resorted to overtime, and this was controlled by Qadisiya and ended the match with the score of 82-75.

By Abdellatif Sharaa

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