Al-Refae, a writer representing Kuwait

By Dr Khalid Al-Saleh

Kuwaiti writers have a long history in dealing with words and creativity, and the Arabic language supported them in their creativity due to what this language has in the form of elements of power and creative expressions. This is one of the most important attributes of the Arabic language, and Kuwaiti writer Talib Al-Refae’s honoring is yet another evidence of the strength of our language.

We congratulate Refae, who is a pioneer in the literary field, for several events during which he was honored in his writing capacity, the latest of which was early last week when he was decorated with a medal by the French ambassador to Kuwait. as several of his creative writings were translated into the French language.

There is no doubt that honoring of our writers makes us all happy and proud, as the writer got what he deserved due to the spiritual and emotional efforts that moved through his pen to people everywhere. We also feel proud because the Kuwaiti writer realized at last that his moving out of narrow localism is not only an expansion of himself, but also a promotion of his country and nation. Many mention the English writer Charles Dickens and Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky – so writers take the names of their homelands wherever they go, so he is the pride of us all.

If the distinction of any Kuwaiti scientist, writer or intellectual makes me proud, what writer Refae said about the Arabic language deserves that we repeat it and teach it to our students. He said “I find it a must that I admit with great appreciation for every success that I have achieved, and I mean the Arabic language. The Arabic language alone was and still is my loyal friend whose hand I grabbed and it took me to heavenly heights I was not able to reach without it.”

Yes, it is the Arabic language that owns the corners of expression, includes the paths of creativity, has the best vocabulary and contains all doors of expression. After one of our creative writers spoke about its preference, then it will not be far when we see our doctors become creative with this language in education and research. That day the direction of Arab countries will change from importers of sciences to exporters of it. The more literature flies with the language, science will fly along, as they are two wings of one bird that will not rise in the sky without them.

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