Al-Safat Investment wins Best Health and Safety Workplace Environment Award

KUWAIT: Al-Safat Investment Co received lately the ‘Best Health and Safety Workplace Environment Award’ from International Finance Magazine. This comes in recognition of its success in implementing various health procedures and requirements set by Kuwait Ministry of Health for staff, investors, customers and visitors.

The award is a testimony to the company’s awareness and education efforts from the onset of the pandemic. This includes using flyers and ads around the building, preparing Al-Safat Tower offices and floors for the return of employees and visitors, through periodic disinfection, daily testing of employees and visitors, in addition to observing social distancing in offices, lifts and closed places.

Saheb Khajah, Manager of Supporting Services Department at Al-Safat Investment Co said that the aim of these efforts was to serve the public good in Kuwait. Al-Safat is an integral part of this country that has done its utmost, from the onset of the crisis, to maintain the health and security of its citizens and residents alike. We will continue to adhere to the international workplace safety practices until life is back to normal.

He added that the role of the company was to transform Al-Safat Tower into a building that implements approved health and precautionary procedures, educate employees about the importance of social distancing and continuous disinfecting, as well as provide staff with the necessary cleaning and sanitizing materials and a continuous supply of face masks.

Saheb Khajah

Khajah went on to say: “Al-Safat Tower’s compliance with the comprehensive plan of health protective measures to combat the pandemic, was part of our corporate social responsibility towards our employees and leaseholders who showed great cooperation and evident compliance with the building’s new rules. The award we received was a confirmation of the soundness of the plan and its strict conformity to the sanitary guidelines of the Health Ministry.”

It is worth noting that Al-Safat Investment Co. sought the help of and cooperated with, its various subsidiaries, such as the Middle East Chemical Manufacturing Co., to serve the country amidst the pandemic. Thousands of liters of hand sanitizers and cleaning agents were donated to several ministries and state facilities each according to their needs and requests.

The company also contributed through its subsidiary, Carpet Industry to refurbish housing and evacuation facilities of the Public Authority for Housing Welfare, in addition to the printing services provided by the Al-Assriya Printing Co to the Ministry of Interior.

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